Tesla Model S Review 2014

A motoring future that promotes zero emissions and cars that run off the same batteries as your laptop are not esoteric allusions but a 21st century reality thanks to car companies like Tesla.

The Silicon Valley startup may have only started trading in 2003 and the Model S may only be its second ever model but it has the technology and ability to move the dial significantly the Model S may look like a slightly derivative saloon but under the skin is a daringly ambitious project that really could.

Have only come from a company that sits outside of the automotive arena Tesla has developed the Model S as an all-electric car from the ground up and that means the mechanical layout is very different to what you get in either a conventional petrol engine car or even some electric cars on the market.

That may have inherited some previous Architecture from petrol powered models the batteries for example are a great case in point there are 7,000 lithium-ion cells here stacked vertically in a giant tray that sits underneath the car and that helps for a number of reasons it helps centralize.

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The mass then it helps lower the center of gravity to improve your handling characteristics because the under tray is completely flat it also contributes to a drag coefficient just naught point 2 4 another advantage is the flexibility you get in both styling and practicality at the front of a car you’d normally associate it, with an engine maybe a radiator grille but here the front grille is totally sealed and you’ve got loads of storage it’s a similar story in the boot because.

There aren’t any fuel tanks or exhaust systems to worry about the boot floor is actually large enough to accommodate a pair of occasional rear seats are perfect for children if you feel more at home pressing buttons and loading CD players and the cabin of the Model S may come as quite a culture shock aside from having your gear selector stalk.

The electric windows the electric wipers pretty much everything else is controlled via this huge 17 inch touchscreen display and I do mean everything from controlling the sunroof opening to controlling the boot opening controlling the lights turning on I can even select the right height of the car the weight of my steering and when.

I’m charging up the car. I can even select what time.

I want the charging to start in order to take advantage of any off-peak rates. It does pick up a bit of glare in sunny days but it is without doubt the most intuitive interface in a car that.

I have ever tested and the cupholders are quite cleverly located well away from.

The system to avert any potentially dangerous spillages if you expect the optional tech pack which includes bluetooth a full web browser and permanent 3G connectivity to the Internet which is free for four years it’s going to transform how you use a car let me show you to demonstrate. This is with the voice activation hooking into Google Maps navigate to Wimbledon so I’ve put it into the voice activation.

It’s kind of like a Siri with Apple and it loads it up into Google Maps so I’ve got my options now here this is just amazing so it shows me the real-time traffic data so it can give a very accurate presentation of how long it’s actually going to take me rather than just measuring an A to B distance when it goes to music again yes you’ve got USB connections here to load some stored music files.

But why would you when you’ve got access to the full World Wide Web so I can do it again.  I can search for tunes play trouble by Ray LaMontagne and again it will hook up to a system through our do which is unlike a Spotify system again it’s all free and it brings me up my search listing for Ray LaMontagne even picking up my accent and then.

It takes 3G connection to stream it and play it and with a bit of look it’s not just sick that is amazing unfortunately. There are a few downsides in this car perceived quality is one of the big ones at this price point it’s a bit too patchy and places for our liking some of the plastics aren’t soft touch some of them are a little bit Scratchy and when you’re competing.

With the BMWs and Mercedes of this world they need to be better the seats to could do with a bit more sculpting and support and while. You can get three adults in the back that raised floor makes Headroom a little bit pinched the first time you squeeze the accelerator on the Model S is a memorable one because not only is it serenely quiet it is absolutely rapid and instantaneous.

Power comes from either a 60 kilowatt hour or an 85 kilowatt hour battery in various states of tune including this range-topping model s performance this thing accelerates to sixty miles an hour from rest in an obscene 4.2 seconds but if it was our buddy we probably go for more of a mid-range 85 kilowatt hour version you may lose out a little bit on the north of 60 sprint time but you still get the really stable handling characteristics.

You still get an 8 year unlimited mileage warranty on these batteries you also get the maximum 300 mile range that’s been estimated by Tesla now in the real world we’ve probably experienced that range going down to nearly 220 miles but it’s still significantly better than any other electric car on the market and it also goes past that barrier in breaking.

The confidence of range anxiety and helping people acknowledge that they can probably actually do their community in a range like that and not rely on any of the municipal charging points and just be confident to get home and charge their car from there.

When you come to charge the model s the process is easy enough with what’s known as a type 2 charging connection and that’s a universal fitment that’s been rolled out across the UK’s expanding number of public charging stations using one of these public stations however.

Does require membership as we’ve got a plugged in Midlands card for this one the Model S brings credibility luxury and a useful range to the electric car category for now at least the UK’s infrastructural shortcomings and the necessity of a home charging point mean it isn’t going to be for everyone but it helps move as several steps closer to becoming a genuine alternative to petrol and diesel

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