Toyota GT86 coupe car review

Toyota has been a bit of a hero to hybrid power in recent years but also has a seriously rich heritage in sports cars focusing models like the Celica the Supra and the corolla ae86 so for fans of the mark this gt86 a lightweight low-cost rear-wheel drive sports car

that’s been co-developed with Subaru it’s been a long time coming but my word has been worth the wait Toyota is a company that is brilliant at the detail the 86 logo that adorns this car for example not only pays respect to the corolla ae86 it also described the diameter of the twin exhausts as well as the bore and Stroke of this cars 2 litre 197 brake horsepower engine after that unit it’s what’s called a boxer configuration meaning the cylinders are now horizontally opposed and that allows Toyota to position

the engine lower thus reducing this car center of gravity it’s also one of the reasons why this car actually sits lower than a Porsche 911 there are also some really nice design elements to grab your attention to like these daytime running LED headlamps customizable front fender vents as well as this rear wing that comes complete with these cannas fins and not only do they look cool toyota says they also improve lateral stability inside the cabin has an almost racing car vibe you sat really low in these very figure-hugging sports seats you’ve got a steering

wheel that’s small but importantly clutter-free that’s at 90 degrees here a head of which sits a giant tachometer and even where the starter button is located it’s at the same place that you’d usually find the kill switch to a race car I know some of these plastics are a little bit scratchy in places

but I’ve got to be honest and say the ergonomics are spot-on from having these cup holders weigh out the way of all your main controls so these padded knee inserts which are great when you’re attempting any vigorous cornering standard equipment is generous to with all cars receiving air conditioning a USB device as well as Toyota’s touch-and-go system that

has one of the easiest user interfaces from finding radio stations to integrate in your own hands-free Bluetooth phone set further describes the gt86 is a 2+2 and that’s quite fair really as these two seats are only really acceptable for small children and while the boot may be substantially bigger than a Mazda mx-5 it isn’t quite as spacious as the Audi TT on the road the cars low center of gravity and lightweight make it feel so responsive we have delicacy about the controls the way this car handles now on paper

I know the performance levels may look a little undernourished especially compared to hot hatch rivals at this price point we’ve got to trust me on this one this car is not about figures by the way it makes you feel from being sat right here the photo toyota offers a limited slip differential as standard as well as 17-inch alloys that shed not on any tracks special tires

but the same humble rubber you can get on a tow to Prius it means you can have so much fun and adjusting the throttle moving the chassis about and it’s all at road-legal speeds does anyone criticism I had to appoint at this car it would be as a result of that weight loss program you do get quite a lot of cabin noise

I can live with that I feel kind definitely live with that for people who love to drive the gt86 is a pretty awesome piece of kit every aspect has been so thoroughly engineered around purity and fun but you’ll also be surprised at just our cheap to run this thing can be from fuel in two tires and even servicing thanks to Toyota’s five-year warranty if you’re in the market for a small sports coupe a and this is where our money would go

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