Toyota Yaris Hybrid Hatchback car review

the Toyota Yaris has always been a very practical well built and residually robust super mini there’s also been a little bit too sensible for some tastes

this third-generation version however offers more style more gadgets and more technology as well as being offered in petrol and diesel models there’s also this Yaris hybrid which is the smallest model in Toyotas hybrid lineup Yaris hybrid doesn’t wear the eco trendy clothing as loudly or as proudly as a Toyota Prius what you have is the Yaris supermini marked out by a new front bumper daytime running LED headlamps and LED tail lights very subtle styling cues to optimize air flow above and below the car and these blue Toyota budgets that symbolize Hybrid Synergy Drive the reese Coptic bonnet

has actually made the car 2 centimetres longer as it now has to accommodate what is effectively a downsized and more compact version of the petrol electric engine and drivetrain combination you get in the Toyota Prius that the combined output here is 98 brake compared to the previous generation Yaris this interior feels a lot more conventional but instantly usable electric blue detailing in the seats the gear selector the dials and this Evy button visually differentiate the car out as the hybrid but overall

I love how the tiered architecture now incorporates recyclable plastics and how the different colorways enhance that feeling of light and space however this top section of dash is a bit scratchy and it does mark very easily there are also a few odd shaped cubbies like this one most noticeably by

the steering wheel that can’t even hold a mobile phone and you’ve got a weird ledge but overall storage is good build quality is excellent and ergonomics or a sound as they’ve always been the steering wheel is adjustable for both rake and reach the seats are adjustable for height and this touch-and-go system is probably the best multimedia interface that

I have tested on a supermini importantly it’s available on all but the basic models of Yaris not just the hybrid and it features everything from satellite navigation which is incredibly thorough and easy to input Bluetooth that actually works and a rear parking camera unfortunately the 60/40 split rear seats don’t slide and recline like they used to nor do they fold entirely flat like a volkswagen polo that said space for adults back here is pretty generous as you can fit your feet right beneath the chair in front and because

the nickel hydride batteries that power the electric motor are stored beneath this bench it means that the weight distribution hasn’t been compromised nor has the practicality as the boot is only marginally smaller than a Ford Fiesta you still get a spare tire the iris is what’s known as a full hybrid meaning the car can actually disengage

the petrol engine entirely and run solely on battery powers and that’s perfect for city centre crawling in full evie electric mode the range of the car is 1.2 miles under speed of 30 miles an hour and the noise is non-existent but when the petrol engine does finally decide to kick in the transition is seamless the benefit of all this technology is brilliant fuel consumption and class-leading emissions meaning

you don’t have to worry about car tax or the London congestion zone the steering’s really light and accurate visibility is excellent and because you’re using a CVT automatic transmission it makes driving in town really easy however on the harsh acceleration or higher speeds the CVT gearbox and the engine do sound a bit more like a food blender so you’re just going to be a little bit weary as it does dent the fuel consumption figures

I said this isn’t really the sort of car that you hustle or even drive particularly hard nor 262 takes eleven point eight seconds and you’ve even got a real time energy flow gauge that almost encourages you to drive more efficiently for those wanting to downsize from a Prius or wanting a more affordable entry point into hybrid ownership then the Yaris hybrid is as convincing as it is clever proving that

you don’t have to sacrifice practicality for economy this isn’t just a great hybrid this is a great super Mini you

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