Ultimate Ferrari Review 2020

So ridiculous so insane so amazing so show-stopping Lee incredible that Ferrari simply named it a La Ferrari the Ferrari because it is definitive Ferrari and that’s all you need to know but today you’re going to know a little bit more because I’m going to review
the LaFerrari I’m Barnabas LaFerrari from David Lee

who was a collector of Ferraris and other cars here in Southern California and you can follow him on Instagram and you should follow him because he has an insane collection

which I am standing in now to talk with David a little bit later about this car and his collection, for now, a little overview the LaFerrari is Ferraris fifth modern

Supercar following up on the 40 vs 50 and the Enzo power comes from a mid-mounted that makes 790 horsepower which sounds ridiculous that can boost that figure up to 950 horsepower in short bursts 20 miles an hour in 0 to 60 is in 2.4 seconds it is mind-boggling and so is everything about this car was 1.4 million dollars the market has three million dollars for a car for

the entire world and when it was new to buy one just because you had the money doesn’t mean you could actually get one of these for what we had to approach you and offer you the opportunity to buy a LaFerrari and there’s more of course and so today

I’m going to show it to you first I’m going to take you on a tour of the LaFerrari and I’m going to show you all of the quirks and features of the three million super car then I’m going to get it out on the road and drive it and then I’m going to give it a Doug store up a list of the most expensive Ferrari models currently listed for sale on AutoTrader now I’m going to start me quirks and features of the LaFerrari with most noticeable items

you first scene right when you walk up to it and that would be the mirrors which Conway off of hello is protruding from the door now the reason that they have to do this is that the body of the car is a lot wider than the passenger compartment have to put it on this long carbon fiber post and so like a foot off the car not wear my favorite things about the proposed is fixed in place only the actual mirror bit folds in so if you want to fold the mirrors you can do that but it only gives you an extra inch spacer make sure someone stays in place the Ferrari shield on the side of the car now typically and all other any other Ferrari it will be on the fender but in this car, no Fender piece has enough flat surface open again it’s a bit of a different Ferrari under this line here you will, in fact, find the door handle down there any kind of pull on it and then the door opens up all right this is something you would never see if you’re just standing next to it because your angle prevents you from seeing it but if you actually

Crouch down and get under there you will see there’s a keyhole to get in case your key fob battery fail we must drive your lock the door and then upward just like you would expect the door to open in an exotic car looks very pool when opening obviously when both doors are open at once it looks very very this isn’t your normal for the door open you can see each of the interior and the edge of the body of the car the interior is much narrower the body sort of goes on around and one of the reasons

Channel inside of it to send air into this air intake the door is specifically shaped in a way to make sure air flows down it and then into the intake for the engine can get enough air back there that’s one of the challenges of a mid-engine car getting enough air into the engine and that’s when we move into the interior quirks and features I’m going to start with one most obvious ones you see the moment you climb inside and that would be the floor mats not like it’s this weird leather thing

that says LaFerrari on the very unorthodox format it fixed in place there into the carbon fiber at your feet before the steering wheel and specifically the fact that the steering wheel isn’t really a wheel at all it’s not circular you want to call it but it is not a circle like in almost every other car is a very unusual design but, usual to see our road car one cool thing about wheel at the bottom you can see David Lee’s name is pretty little bit more special than everyone else or than it would if you bought it you also contains a lot of other items as most Ferrari steering wheels do you have the windshield wiper controls, for example, you also have the drive mode selector and you also have my personal favorite is that would be the turn signals they don’t have to take your hands off the wheel there a button directly on the steering wheel right and left that you can use to put on the right and left turn signals and I love that I think it’s such a great idea and I wish more than normal cars had that to another interesting but you will see on the steering wheel on the left is this bright red engine start button engine start button pretty common a lot of cars

these days than usual and press it’s like an old school car yet to get input the key, in turn, the key and then press it which is a surprise for a car that’s made in 2014/2015 especially a supercar but the steering wheel the middle part of the steering wheel is not the horn you press it and nothing happens instead of the Hornets kind of hidden over on the side of left so it’s easily accessible to your phone you can just reach into the middle but you wouldn’t want to do if you’re obviously the seat height is the sports in a lot of modern exotic sports cars and break from your butt being squeezed anything about these seats though.

They are fixed in place they don’t move instead if you want to adjust your situation for the driver you move the pedals there’s this little plastic lever and slide forward and then if you want to push them back and get it perfectly adjusted you just leave that lever up and you can have push it with your legs are allowed to slide board to exactly.

Where what the pedals to be and that’s how you adjust things in his car and you can’t move around the state they’re fixed presumably to save weight complexity and to help out with Headroom since they don’t have to melt the seats on seat rails if they fix them in place storage inside

this car this is one of the most amazing supercars and there is none there’s no getting behind the scenes there’s no center console storage you don’t get any of that stuff instead they had to get creative with a few story example add him down the passenger footwell if you pull on that it’s a little nuts and you can stick small items that in there for more papers nothing substantial my personal favorite store has the world’s tiniest Ford in this piece pops up and is insanely small I am currently as far as it will go very very small one from the most impressive thing about the tiniest glove box in the world laughable glove box next to another interesting read.

Ernie down there and you bring into the center console that red leather will keep you from getting hurt. With absolutely no interior storage interesting items inside this car one is the dome light is between the season to turn it on you push on it turn off you push the insane car but if you wanted to know how the dome light works in a LaFerrari now you know another interesting item is the sun visors they are incredibly tiny you can see my hand basically covers the entire sun visor visor so small

that the airbag warning takes up the entire thing which isn’t usually the case in automotive sun visors but they’re very very small in this car thing in small item in that vicinity is the rearview mirror very simple rear view mirror looks like something you would find in basically any other car but very small and the reason for that is the back window just isn’t really very big need any more near than this so perfectly they just give you what you need not interestingly above the mirror you will find three circular buttons up there that are kind of hitting the button on the left put the car into fully electric mode the button in the middle is the door locked button on the right puts it in tow mode I guess so if you go to the alarm won’t go off or whatever when you’re rolling it into electric arrows pointing now those buttons are a little strange up there especially the door lock button kind of kitten above the mirror

Synod placement in the center has a few other odd placements for example there was a fire extinguisher that takes up basically the entire passenger footwell no mind to the fact that will make the passenger uncomfortable when is the warning lights in this car the check engine light the airbag like that kind of thing they’re not in the gauge cluster screen instead they’re on this little angled panel in the dashboard and you can see the real kind of pointed at you from the middle of the dashboard which is a little bit unusual but I guess the three was they needed one place to put them since they didn’t want to put it in there reconfigurable gauge cluster screen area and that is the place they chose usual center gauge cluster warning light controls and basically

any other modern Ferrari with all the arrows in a little dial to turn the fan speed it’s all fairly standard for a Ferrari there in Celsius in this car you pay one point $5000000 when it was new for a LaFerrari and they won’t even convert the climate controls to Fahrenheit for you I find that to be kind of Zuri but I guess another dial that is shared with other Ferraris over to the left of the steering wheel the headlight dial that one is pretty much taken directly out of other Ferrari model vents I think they look wonderful you can move them around and place them exactly where you want the air but the coolest part is they look like exhaust and I just think that is so cool it looks like you’re revving your engine just turning on the climate control center console is the axle lifter button you can see circles and an arrow

I guess that’s supposed to be a car it is not a great representation of a LaFerrari but it’s the button they used on the last obviously if you push that the front end comes up a few inches to help you clear lower curbs driveways and angles in the middle here is the thin as I called his sis carbon fiber thin that sticks out from the center console and it has three buttons on it are Auto and PS that’s reverse automatic for the transition in PS is power start control but the thing itself is such a bizarre thing Ferrari really doesn’t like basically everyone else instead they have this weird angle the carbon fiber fenders very distinctive and unique and kind of odd that you have a little storage area at all though it isn’t covered so you can’t really put anything there that you don’t want to fly around in case her accelerating heart and above these non-covered storage little power outlet you pull down this little plastic thing and you can plug into charger or whatever else you might have been to the center console notice there’s no storage pocket in the door just don’t bother at all but anyway in terms of getting out of the car has plastic handle on the door panel you just pull it and then you push up the door opens and you can climb right now with the doors in this car is the grab handle situation above your head on me a pillar like on the windshield frame

that’s where the grab handle is and grab onto it you pull it down and then when you’re driving fast you have something to hold on for dear life don’t put it there but Ferrari did and I suspect the reason is when they were developing this car they knew they would have been a convertible version should have been our first clue there would have been truly be a LaFerrari convertible which of course there wasn’t was called the aperto 3 circular buttons the one on the left open up the front trunk the one in the middle opens up the fuel door and the one on the right opens up the charging door for the hybrid system I will cover those things and More Death in a couple of minutes when another item in the middle.

that’s worth noting is between the two states have a carbon fiber panel that comes in here and there are a little tiny plants that says limited edition one doesn’t tell you which one you have but it does remind you how special and limited your LaFerrari is as you can that’s how you put fuel in the LaFerrari only way you put fuel into the locker but there is a second fuel door over on the passenger side again press the button on the driver’s door panel and this one and this is where you insert gives you the extra power boost if you want and it allows you to operate this car in fully electric.

The time not just to clear up some misinformation you don’t need to always have the car charged up to drive it it will run on its 750 horsepower even if it is without any electrical power but if you keep it charged up using the Sleep looking charger that Ferrari gives you what and get the full performance out of the car which is one of the benefits of extra move on to the front of the LaFerrari and this is one of my favorite front end design of basically any exotic sports car in existence I love how everything kind of comes to a point in the front like a race car front end styling looks like a fairly typical Porsche.

This car to look at the headlights the fenders the front, everything is just so crazy and I just think it looks cool from the front anyway let’s move on to the front origin you can taste your LaFerrari on a weekend trip not quite in the press this little button on the key fob pops open the front trunk and then you will see a fan that takes up the vast majority of this front trunk area truthfully if there is no storage anywhere in this car inside or out you do have one little piece of storage in hearing you.

This carbon fiber panel these signatures on it you can see there is a little storage cubby right now it has the car cover in it and that is pretty much all you can stick in there you take that out and you can store some stuff in there but not really all that much stuff is just radically impractical but the front why is Impractical the functionality of these fans in here over the necessity of storage if you want a really really interesting item I found tucked into the front trunk along with the car cover is the tool kit for this car and you can see it says a LaFerrari on it just LaFerrari printed on this thing makes people that are regular for 10 grand on eBay in 5 years anyway so you can do roadside tire changes and you are LaFerrari with center-lock wheels good luck unlock the center lock in the wheels pretty common and exotic sports cars today and that’s what’s in the front of the LaFerrari not really all that much cargo space instead mostly just but at least it looks cool from this angle move on to the back of the LaFerrari take a listen that is a seriously impressive exhaust not one of the best I’ve ever heard of it sounds just as good whether you’re driving in it or whether you’re outside of it and when he’s goes by it is absolutely one other thing I like on the back of this car is down here below the license plates to have this little box with 12 holes in it that is a light is intended to be a rear fog light designed to mimic the rain light in Formula 1 cars

when it’s raining they turn it on so drivers won’t slam into each other and for his integrated it into their normal that is a really really cool idea and next we move into the engine compartment open it right up pretty simple but it doesn’t just stay in place instead you need to prop it there not too many cars I seen that still use an engine cover this is one of them but that’s the situation like some of the prior Ferrari supercars I show you the F-14 the Enzo when there is an covers open you can see the entire rear of the car basically all of this body work comes off open apps on this car it’s easy to open but you don’t quite get to see as much does a little bit of a disappointment and you can also see some very very important looking orange wires that hook up that B12 for the hybrid system engine Department unusual warning labels in here in step to open the engine cover only helpful if you’ve already gotten it open not really sure why that’s there the other one more interesting than there’s actually a keyhole back here where if you have the key you can come back here and manually shut off the engine in case for whatever reason you can’t do it up front that will prevent it from catching on fire at least lessen the risk I can’t imagine this whatever actually happened turn off the car using in case for whatever reason you don’t have access to the features of the LaFerrari but before I get out on the road I’m going to talk with its owner David Lee about it for a little bit so does it scare you with how much it’s worth driving to ask me that for me early on I don’t want to lose experience of driving the car it’s right I feel like if I want to drive it fast to our I would take you to the track and so you’ve done that you’re not worried about special. The first day of the second day today when they make the car they don’t just make it fast can only fast data amateur can drive and have fun and be at the same time when I had that race track event that

I was able to I was also bringing the 282 to realize how bad I was so you’re saying that this is because this makes it easier for you to go faster I work at it more try to laugh or I could even though the Enzo which I have I mean it’s all just no computer until you feel comfortable going hard in that kind of thing after I run really fast and really heavy and the V8 to but doesn’t have enough perfect in all of your nephews is this your favorite for the particular purpose and I would love

this car the best to be on the track where is I would love a classic for a movie a classic car for another venue do you feel are you disappoint cars who don’t use their cars to look at it as an art piece or just just just a status symbol that

they have it you know what’s mine is everybody’s prerogative in everybody’s interest to drive it is different in the past when I own like a V8 mid-engine V8 and I was always worried about the depreciation and I wouldn’t drive it like you you know I appreciate it because you’ve driven the car but then the wealth of memory that you gain from it I think offsets

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