Vauxhall Corsa car review 2015

supermini is a small stylish practical cheap to run and pretty amazing at handling everything modern life throws at them the Vauxhall Corsa is one super mini that UK buyers can’t seem to get enough of and this fourth generation version builds on that mass appeal with more style revised engines and a more upmarket feel although

Vauxhall presents the fourth generation Corsa as an all-new model it doesn’t have look similar and that’s because it uses the previous cars basic architecture so key items such as the rake of the a pillar or the glazing even its physical size remain unchanged the body panels are all new and Vauxhall’s worked really hard to inject loads of curves and character line to make you fully aware of the new family DNA whether it’s the front nose cone of the junior Vauxhall

atom or these Eagle Eye headlamps that have taken inspiration from the Vauxhall Astra if you were stepping out of a Volkswagen Polo for example this thing would look comparatively flashy unfortunately another thing that hasn’t changed is the overwhelming number of trim levels to choose from

which makes researching your dream coarser a lot more complicated than it needs to be we’d always advise that you avoid the entry level life trim which misses out on alloy wheels and body coloured door handles and go for the mid spec design or upwards or if you fancy something a bit sportier than

this SR I trim level adds black 16-inch alloy wheels daytime running LEDs and fog lamps inside the course it has a really smart of market feel and all the switchgear is solid even if it can’t quite match Volkswagens levels of tactility storage is good aside from a pretty PO key glovebox but all versions receive six airbags hill-start assist and a tire pressure monitoring system that makes it really easy to spot punctures again it’s important that you go for a mid level trim to ensure you get all those necessary creature conflicts including

the height adjustable driver seat air conditioning the brilliant heated front windscreen and Vauxhall’s IntelliLink multimedia system that has digital da B radio Bluetooth and is compatible with your smart phone if you’re going to be using these rear chairs a lot you’d probably be better to go for the five-door quarter but having said that the space in the three-door is pretty good for both knee and Headroom although if you’ve got a pair of inquisitive kids back here then this baggy roof lining might come under some stick the folding rear bench is standard across the range although this 4060 split is only available from the SR I trim levels and upwards and they still don’t fold entirely flat the boots however is a great size

it’s a great shape there’s a space saver spare tire plus these really handy ledges so you can spec a false floor and that is brilliant if you wanted to conceal items underneath it or raise the level of the boot lid so you don’t have any awkward lips to negotiate the course is a decent little car to drive

the grip levels are good body control is composed at high speeds and this electric power steering is accurate and wonderfully light which is perfect for town work dynamically speaking it sits in between the fun-loving Ford Fiesta and the Ebor comfortable Volkswagen Polo though the ride quality is massively dependent on what wheels and tires you go for generally speaking the bigger the wheel the more fidgety

the ride becomes in terms of engines you’ve got loads to choose from so company car buyers are going to be sorted with the range of eco flex diesel units but our pick of the bunch has to be the turbocharged 1 litre petrol engine it’s got loads of poke through this little six-speed gearbox it’s smooth

it’s flexible and it’s quiet far quieter than the rest of the car as it still suffers from quite a bit of wind noise and tire roar which take the edge off what is a very capable motorway cruiser the Vauxhall Corsa isn’t the best supermini in its class but there’s still a lot to like it’s easy to drive has a great interior and is cheap to run add to that some seriously aggressive pricing and lease deals and it’s easy to see why you’d be tempted you

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