Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Review 2020

Successful 3 row family SUV why not try not to row midsize version of it out Pottery easily do that with the passport of version of the larger pilot.

Volkswagen do essentially the same thing as related to the three wrote Atlas plant and the same platform as What Makes You Different cuz we’ve had a chance to really poke around in them big cross sport has the same with it also has the same wheelbase.

That’s the distance between the front and rear axle as the three wrote Atlas it’s just 2.8 inch shorter than the atlas and the sporting a roofline is 2.3 in lowering so that does make for some differences you’ll notice first stop in the roofline.

That it is a little bit more as you get toward the tail of the vehicle and that rear window is much more dramatically rates than two more upright rear window in the atlas three-row there’s also a much smaller rear quarter window a little bit in the crossword versus the three-row atlas especially the rear quarter window which is now kind of tiny although it was sort of blocked Anyway by the second row headrest rain in the atlas the rear window substantially shorter.

But actually closer to you and wider so the few straight back doesn’t really seem like it’s that much worse now that reduction in overall height does affect rear seat room again there’s no third row but the second row in the cross sport does feel a little more snug on Headroom especially for taller passengers you might find yourself.

Having to slouch a little bit legroom need clearance from the front seats to the back seats that actually still very very good a Hallmark of the current Atlas obviously there’s no third row the cargo area behind shorter in about 1 in lower in terms of space from the cargo floor up to the top back in that amounts to about 15% less overall cargo space Again by are measuring between the atlas three row and the atlas cross sport the same from the dashboard to the controls to the seasons change will notice that the V and the w r a little bit more differentiated than.

They are in the app says that’s kind of a back to the basics theme of trying to get back to where it was I would have logo from the 1960s. Vehicles are refreshed or redesign going forward from Level variants of it we do know that the 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder motor in the three-row atlas not while available across the trim structure is going to be more widely available here for the cross with that makes 235 3.6 V6 in Upper versions of the Crock-Pot we should know plenty more about all of that and pricing closer to the Cross Sports on sale date which is going to be in Spring of 2020 

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