Volkswagen Golf Hatchback Review

the Gulf working with us since 1974 and like a fine wine it’s been maturing and improving ever since this is a seventh generation of the car it has an awful lot to live up to its predecessor

was an award-winning car that set a very high benchmark in this class and to make matters worse not only does this model face more rivals than a golfer’s ever faced before those rivals are better than ever as well to fight back this golf placed a very much the same strengths as its predecessors high class good quality and fine practicality

you’re probably looking at this golf and thinking same old same old and to be honest that’s not entirely unfair there’s only ever been one car that looks like this it’s looked like this for quite a while but it’s obvious the Gulf’s looks have never held it back so why would Volkswagen change a winning formula much like that other great German icon the Porsche 911 the golf needs no reinvention and yes at first glance it does seem little conservative but look a little closer and in the metal the lines are clean and confident elegant even the more you spend the smarter your car gets even SE model has chrome flashes in the grille

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback

but we think that GT models like this are the best-looking ones for a start the suspension is 10 millimeters lower so the car has a slightly squatter stance on top of that you get black winged mirror caps tinted rear windows and cherry red rear light clusters inside – there’s no major revolution and anyone who’s ever been inside a Gulf will immediately feel at home most importantly it gets all the basics right the seats for example a well-shaped and have plenty of adjustment so it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position and the all-around visibility is excellent the cabin is beautifully elegant – and second only to the Audi a3 for quality facts

the touchscreen infotainment system and the electric parking brake there’s precious little clutter around and all the major controls are pointing slightly towards the driver

it’s a very practical car – with room in the backseat for a couple of tall adults and the boot is one of the biggest in the class with a usefully low lip and even the option of a folding passenger seat so you can take really long loads to cap

it all the rear doors also feature something called stepless angling that means that no matter what angle you open the door to it holds firm which is really useful in tight car parts the Gulf is based on the same platform as the Audi a3 and like that car it’s been a very effective weight loss program the result is the welcome double whammy of better performance and better economy

Volkswagen Golf

it’s something that’s particularly noticeable with a new 1.4 TSI engine this features a clever system which shuts down two of the four cylinders when the engine isn’t working hard and that leads to significant improvement in fuel economy on the road the Gulf is a fully refined and composed car every model

has a comfortable ride it’s worth going through one of the more powerful models these have a more sophisticated suspension and that gives an even better ride however although the steering has been set up to turn into bends keenly this isn’t the most exciting car to drive ultimately there’s no disguising the fact that

this is a family car that setup for safe and neutral it’s all too easy to dismiss this latest golf as just more of the same and it certainly is a conservative evolution mind you the previous model was so good it would have been impossible to make any major advances nevertheless this does represent a step forward it’s safer more refined more practical and more economical it’s not just the most complete golf ever it’s one of the most complete small family cars in Britain

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