Volkswagen Golf Review 2016

Yeah that’s why Now it’s free of being a premium car accessible to almost everybody suddenly as I look at this golf here it’s only looks and feels like something a little bit special education fair or is it all smoke and mirrors is a Volkswagen really as good as everybody says it is well jump in with me and let’s start finding out disc golf is the $33,000 Highline motor.

Which means school is an extra luxury features like these beautifully comfortable and supportive by the states and a full climate control system but every goal from the 23 Grand ice photo to the $57,000 gold share the same basic interior as I think you’ll be able to see that basic interior is a lovely place to be when the soft-touch material stretch right over the dashboard to the top of the doors and that lovely leather stitching steering wheel and gear stick and yes that traditional golf Funk when you close the door the word that comes to mind is quality one small misstep could just be this hard service down here where your leg tends to rest on a long drive.

 which is worthy to be ratified by Volkswagen it is true that the interior design here in the Volkswagen Golf is more conservative than what you’ll get on something like a mess to three people like me to say beauty and well-made things that really doesn’t matter and its driver incline status.

 He is still looks good and every golf get to 6.5 in color touchscreen in the center it’s a nice shop screen it smart to detect incoming fingers and contextual menus this High Line comes with navigation to the oil golf these days come with Apple carplay and Android auto which

Myself using most of the time the gulf is being updated in a couple of months and one thing 

I’d like to see Volkswagen change is the black and white screen between the gauges it be great if it’s switched one that was color and had a few more pages but you do have plenty of choice. PFE storage including a small Central cubby hear a glove box to cup holders and generous felt-lined organs

Which means it’s plenty of space.

 What’s the traditional boxy shape of the golf means your visibility is good how about the option blind spot monitoring system would make things even easier with newest smok are getting bigger and bigger Golf Mill on the leads this segment how much room you get in the backseat.

With the kids or small adults the accommodation back here and adequate light grey sitting behind myself here plus this model has a fold-down armrest and cup holder for longer trips packages back here will certainly be comfortable as generous space allocated down here Volkswagen recently told us that the gulf will never be the most heavily discounted hatch in its segment which means that you’ll pay a couple of thousand more or gold for the something like a Hyundai i30 but we feel that you get what you pay for and then there’s plenty of choice in the golf range everything.

Fom a 92 TSI base model in the low 20,000 through the 26840 train line which we considered to be an excellent All Purpose car through something more special like this $33,990 Highline and that’s before we Traverse is 40 GTI or three crosses the wagon available for most of the models in the range but we’ll dedicate a unique review to all those different cars that make sure you hit subscribe behind one of the gulf it’ll tie tricks

Which is a boot release hidden in the VW badge Lys it decently sized 388 a boot that’s enough space for a couple of small suitcases to fit with ease and things like a school bags in a big shop will get in there without absolutely no problem plus this to handle shopping bag hooks in there which means that your milk and eggs weren’t fly around it sounds simple a really big difference is 500 + late is but the most April is it going to be good at all and if you need more space in a huge improvement from The Mach 6 golf they now lie flat the way the golf set a double pot and other small cars is in the way.

That it drives like the way it looks so the way the interior feels the Goldfish driving a refined way and it’s a hot feeling to describe basically the golf drives like a big off more expensive and luxurious car in an hour every golf comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and all of them managed to combine good punch with really good feeling, me and Daisy smoothest 1.4 liter petrol and like all of the petrol it’s a really terrific around engine in the city and it’s in the country we averaged just under seven latest per hundred kilometers away the last two would City driving and in the country it’s around five and a half late is 200, is writing two more expensive dazel unless you do really low miles plus width 250 newton meters of torque is 110 TSO eye feels like more of a woman than an economy.

 But most people will go to war and love the naughty to TSI petrol which produces 92 kilowatts and 200 eating made us that manages to feel much stronger than that I have no because. 

I’ve already won golf DSG automatic transmission definitely feels different to a conventional automatic and it’s significantly improved for the Mach 7, but if you give it a double clutch what about it you’ll find it takes getting used to being around that you quickly Mazda visibility is good in the country the gulf really impresses.

Would have tied the chassis feels and how to add child becomes in fact every golf seem to encourage you to really push out and you can feel that stole the Golf GTI and every single one of these engine and I found it enjoyable car actually to drive out there and the handling really comes alive that was impressive and the suspension is mostly off the job electric cars with specifically Australian choose vention do a better job in the conference dates good.

Basically the ghost driving Dynamics are productive how could they see how strongly turbo petrol engine.

 Have a job of handling field and just how smooth and refine the entire experience these that’s what sticks the car pod it’s something you have to drive at the start by offering to the Colts reputation with spare I think we can say that it is for the price it’s hard to think of better value-for-money I said a few times and this review The Big Goal feel special and that’s it really this car is special it’s not like I was small cars because all the smoke cause wish that they were a Volkswagen Golf 

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