Volkswagen Passat review 2015

we already know that the new Volkswagen Passat is a very good car indeed but here in the UK Volkswagen actually sells more estates than it does saloons yet with a car market now awash with attention-grabbing SUVs of all shapes and sizes has the per sack got what it takes to remain

the default choice for family buyers who puts pace and comfort at the top of the agenda often the problem with designing a big boxy estate is that grafting that shape onto the back of a curvy or Swift B design usually looks quite awkward and ungainly the Passat though was designed by a man with a ruler and a pencil and although straight lines and squared off edges when actually I think it looks better as an estate than it does as a saloon car now I will admit it’s kind of an understated design overall if you’re looking for your car to express some deep facet of your personality this probably isn’t the one for you every single car comes with alloy wheels regardless of which trim

you choose and as you can see it’s it’s quite high up on its arches here entry-level cars do miss out on some styling goodies like the chrome window surrounds and these silver roof rails and those smart front fog lights that you’ve seen are only standard on SE business models but all in all the Passat is not a car

that changes a great deal depending which model you choose even the top of the range our line versions are subtle rather than Sheltie having said that they do get some rather cool trapezoidal exhausts at the back which make it look a bit like an Lda six event inside just like the Passat saloon it’s hard to overstate just what a big step up in quality this car is over its previous generation the cabin is full of soft touch plastics and there’s lots of nice metallic finishes and cleverly the brand is avoided using too much gloss black material

it smudges really easily and takes fingerprints so the sap won’t get dirty and it’ll look cleaner for longer inside combine this quality with the standard fit 6.5 inch touchscreen which D clutters the dash and you’re a long step ahead of the Ford Mondeo and the Vauxhall Insignia estate in terms of quality and interior fit and finish in fact the perhaps they could probably give some of its premium rivals a run for its money the front seats are really comfortable and supportive VW call them ergo comfort seats

but there’s loads of adjustability and an electric backrest on SE versions and above however like any estate worth its salt the Passat all has practicality in spades there’s oodles of leg room here in the back as you can see and because this high roof extends all the way back to meet the boot there’s more Headroom for tall passengers as well especially more than you get on the saloon the best bit though is the gigantic boot if I open it up then you can probably see just how deep and how wide the 650 litre load Bay is it’s also got these very clever handles here on the sides with one push means you can drop the rear seatbacks with just one hand that’s not something you can do on a ford mondeo estate

think about having this thing car this size though is that on a filming day we can carry all our gear and I’m now going to show you just how much you can fit in and still have room to spare most estates are sold with diesel engines under the bonnet and the for SAP fortunately for itself has three excellent oil burners to choose from to suit all tastes the entry-level 1.6 liter TDI has 118 brake horsepower and if you choose the automatic DSG gearbox then it also returned a very impressive 104 g/km

they’ll be very cheap to run to the engine in this car well that’s the 2-liter mid range 148 brake horsepower but it’s got more than enough torque to pull you along no matter how many big heavy bags you’ve loaded into that enormous boot and at the top of the range there’s a new 2-liter bi TDI engine that means twin turbos for a faintly ridiculous power output of 237 brake horsepower now to cope with that it’s also got four-wheel drive and it only comes with the automatic gearbox as standard you probably

don’t need that much power though still you will certainly surprise a few people away from the lights it’s an excellent motorway cruiser and the controls are all light but really positive so it’s just a relaxing car to drive over long distances the ride is really comfortable especially on versions with the smaller alloy wheels

it’s nice and cushioned them at how bumpy the road surface gets it’s also actually surprisingly maneuverable even though it’s a very long car it’s quite narrow which means you can squeeze into the tightest gaps without too much trouble you don’t worry about kind of catching the mirrors on anything like you might do in rival cars like for example the Ford Mondeo overall refinement is also hugely impressive engine road and wind noise are completely well suppressed and there’s actually also an option to two double glazing for the windows which makes it even quieter still

if you plan on towing anything behind your percent estate and I’m sure some of you probably do then this 2-liter TDI engine is definitely your best bet it can nearly match the economy and low co2 emissions of the 1.6 as long as you stick with a manual gearbox but it’ll also tow up to 2 tons worth of brake trailer behind

it which is very handy and it also has a neat pop-out towing eye which just comes out electronically from underneath the rear bumper it’s very neat solution to a simple problem the petrels well they are more refined than the deals by a margin but we think the economy gains and the pulling power would we’ll

probably make them the better choice particularly with the estate body stone on the surface the peseta state is every inch the sensible choice it’s comfortable rather than thrilling to drive beautifully made and incredibly easy to live with some might call that boring but personally I think if you bought one of these you’ll spend most of your time driving around with a smug satisfaction that comes with owning one of the very best estate cars on sale you

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