Volkswagen Polo 2009 review

if we ever needed proof that downsizing doesn’t have to mean taking a step backwards with quality or refinement check out the Volkswagen Polo it’s available in both

three and five-door body styles and it’s competitively priced to go up against Britain’s best-selling super mini the Ford Fiesta like most of VW’s designs the pono design is typically neat tidy and classy the nose job is a halfway house between the Gulf and the Scirocco so it is handsome but it’s not really going to get your heart pounding the most interesting aspects of the designer and the beautiful detailing check out the twin projector headlamps and the metallic wing inlay these are sports car details not

what you’d expect from a conservative supermini with the exception of the audi a1 it’s very difficult for rivals to compete with the polar when it comes to cabin quality the level of finish is set to a very high standard the architecture may look quite simple but it’s very functional with this high center console keeping everything within easy reach the seat fabrics are tasteful the slush molded Dash is lovely to the touch it feels like I’m sat in a mini golf it’s all very upmarket again

it’s the attention to detail that really raises the bar like the metal detail in the chunky steering wheel a damped glovebox which hides the multi-device connection for your ipod mp3 player or USB memory stick there’s plenty of big car features on offer including a do be digital radio and electronic air-conditioning safety is also a key priority with six airbags stability is standard with curtain airbags optional downsizing to a polo doesn’t mean you’ll be sure to space there’s more room in here than

you might imagine for will sitting comfort even on long journeys and there’s a decent sized boot which can be extended further thanks to split folding rear seats the polos mature styling has been translated to the way it drives to which is best described as conservative rather than to playful it’s only when you look at the GTI that you start to see some spark behind the wheel nevertheless the mainstream models are very refined and do a great job of ironing out any imperfections on the road the steering may be under Kanaan the light side but

that might reverse parking and absolute dawdle this is also helped by indicator lenses which are visible from the driver’s seat there are several engines available in both petrol and diesel form and a little bit of a mix punch but the one we opted for is the 85 brake horsepower 1.4 liter petrol it’s a great all-rounder with reasonable performance and excellent economy

but if saving pounds at the pump is a key factor in your car buying decision and the 1.2 liter 3-cylinder bluemotion is the one to go for equipment levels may be stretched to the bare essentials it may not be as refined but it emits just 91 g/km of co2 and will return over 83 miles per gallon the Volkswagen Polo is a premium supermini without

the premium price tag or running costs it’s a more grown-up more sensible offering with a quality field thanks to subtle design and impressive build quality it may not be as fun as some of its rivals or be is curvaceous either but few are as desirable and feel half as premium

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