Volkswagen Polo 2018 review

let’s say you’re thinking about buying a Volkswagen Golf you’re probably also going to be considering a Ford Focus or a Vauxhall Astra but actually think the biggest competitor to the golf is this the new Volkswagen Polo it’s like sibling rivalry gone mad the Polo first went on sale in the mid seventies and over the past five generations it has sold more than 14 million units worldwide

this is the 6th generation version of the Volkswagen Polo I’m gonna talk around the design. Now so it’s got Volkswagens new design language which involves a lot of creases it’s like they’ve got a special creasing machine and they’ve just gone crazy with it on this car because it’s greases creases creases those creases everywhere and then there’s other things so for instance this guy’s the Highline so it’s the posture version so you get nice chrome bits of trim if you want you can get the car with all LED headlamps they replace the top-end Xenon’s of the previous generation Polo now you can get in 14 different colors this one is called energetic orange yeah right if you don’t like it don’t worry there’s 13 others to choose from this cars got a contrasting black roof now the Polo the new one is only available as a five-door there’s no three door version anymore there is one thing I’ve noticed down here though even though

this is a modern car it’s got old-fashioned drum brakes at the rear to the front a disc so you can think of those as being like Spotify this well that’s like vinyl now some people prefer vinyl than digital music and it’s the same with drum brakes they like drum brakes on the rear cuz it allows you to do handbrake turns easily yeah that’s really important now isn’t it so around the back you can get the car with LED tail lamps and it all looks very smart and tidy you can get the car in an online version which has sportier trinkets like a bigger roof spoiler and of course there will be a proper GTI version as well now this polo it starts from 13 and a half thousand pounds and actually when you look at the monthly payments on a pcp it’s going to be very similar per month as some like a Ford Fiesta and a Vauxhall Corsa

now if you click up there you can get a car loco dot uk’ you can build your ideal car in line then you’ll get five top off of us back from great dealers in 24 hours so you can just compare offers and just see what you can get this car for this new polo is considerably larger than the old law in fact it’s bigger than a golf from the early noughties in all but lengths now I’ve always thought of the Polo as being a small car but this new one doesn’t feel like it here in the back it’s much bigger than before in fact

I think there’s pretty much the same amount of room is he getting the back of a golf in fact the boots is pretty much the same size as the Gulf’s as well as I’ll demonstrate to you now by childishly climbing into it so the space you’ve got yeah it’s actually really incredible I’m just working a demonstration so yeah the space that is more boot space than you get with a Ford Focus the polos equipment list is also bigger than the Fords as it pretty much matches that of the golf and that includes the latest safety kit two cars available with blind spot monitoring so when a vehicle enters your blind spot if you watch you’ll see you get a little warning light show up there in the wing mirror so you don’t accidentally move it like that you definitely that one I do also it comes with auto emergency braking

with pedestrian detection and then there’s the cruise control so the old Polo had cruise control but this one has active cruise control so once you’ve set the speed that you want so let’s go pretty quickly you can use this other button to keep you a safe distance from the car in front if you decide that you’re getting a little bit too close it will automatically brake the car so there we go spray keeping me safe distance from that and I can alter the distance with this button here now if you’ve got the automatic version of this polo it will actually break the car down to a complete standstill if you’re in stop-start traffic so you don’t really have to do it in the car we’ll just control it for you and it’s quite unusual for the car to be able to do that when it’s still got a manual handbrake we all know having a manual handbrake is good for obvious reasons ah unfortunately you can’t turn the electronic stability control off so you can never do a proper handbrake turn however

what you can do is change the look of the instrument dance if you order the excellent optional digital drivers display in the UK all polos gets an 8 inch touchscreen so this is actually the top of the range 1 and I have navigation built-in you also have stuff like app Connect which is for your Android auto and your car play for your Apple phone and it’s fairly used to navigate nice and easy to use dead simple as you’d imagine also you can’t roll that cause driving modes through here if you have drug modes on your cart and look do this right this is interesting sport select suspension so you can change the stiffness of the suspension if you want the car to feel more sporty now it’s quite interesting having that adaptive system on a small car such as this there are a few things I don’t like about this infotainment screen you haven’t got actual physical shortcut burns other side they’re sensitive so they’re bit harder to operate while you’re driving and if you look at this because it’s all glossy when you turn it off the screen gets all greasy fingerprints on it I mean my my hands feel as dry as ancient papyrus but it looks like I’m sweating wd-40 yeah that’s just yuck and you may think the garish – trim is do don’t worry though there are seven of the colours to choose from pick the right one and the polo is a posh little car to sit in

now Volkswagen have fitted his car with soft touch materials on the dash and it feels just as soft and yielding as the dash in an Audi a4 and it certainly passes I’ve done this for a while actually the car Wow flick test look I can flick it now if I still have done that in a certain I’d beat it which is pretty much the same car yeah that’s got a really hard – and I’ll have bruised my fingernails and that have probably dropped off in a couple of days however is the Polo car

which will make you drop off behind the wheel when you drive it well ok it doesn’t feel quite sporty or as fun as a Ford Fiesta but really really do you care this car is more comfortable also it’s it’s good easy to drive it is it’s just so easy or the controls lovely get good view out of it and it handles well enough it’s really good it’s very much like a golf actually and you can get pretty much the same engines you can with the golf as well this one has the one liter turbo petrol and it’s a good engine it’s all he really needs pretty economical it’s got decent performance the only thing is it makes that noise when you rev it really hard gets a little bit rougher than that it’s okay as for the rest of the ambience well yeah is this polo as quiet as a golf no I personally think it is but I want you to decide for yourself and to do that I’ve done a little test during

the day while I was at noisy Hamburg Airport I use the car as a sound recording booth to record some voiceover for my Porsche km video if you click on the pop-out banner you can actually watch that video to see the polos insulation managed to keep out the background noise from the people traffic and planes right then let’s summarize so this may be a small car but it’s surprisingly spacious on the inside it’s got big car technology and it feels a bit like a big car to drive in the way that it’s very very sensible so it’s rather like a golf and that brings me back to my original question isn’t really need to have a golf when you can just have one of these do you know what I’m not sure there is now if you enjoyed this video please like it and share it and click on our logo to subscribe also click on the video windows to watch more of our content

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