Volkswagen Up hatchback review

Volkswagen Up hatchback review city cars have always been about form over function well packaged but not especially great to drive and quite evidently build to a budget

but the up is a city guard that Volkswagen is hoping will shift perceptions it’s available in both three and five-door body style and mechanically is identical to the Skoda Citigo and say at me to extended members of the Volkswagen family that

Volkswagen Up hatchback review

have been spawned as a direct result of this car well they do say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery the Volkswagen up is similar in length to a Fiat 500 yet

it does without any of that cars retro modern charm instead that the design exudes simplicity with a real economy of edges and lines

you’ve got this wheel at each corner stamps with minimal overhangs to maximize interior space as well as a single piece glass tailgate and this sham Ford Edge that runs entirely around the window graphic to give a greater feeling of solidity

I also really like the gum shield style front bumper as well as that king – rear window to visually separate the up away from its coder and say

it siblings as if the giant VW badging wasn’t a big enough hint inside doesn’t make you feel like you’re in some budget runabout but a certified member of the Volkswagen family

it may not have the Italianate cheekiness of the Fiat Panda or 500 but everything here feels cleanly laid out and there’s loads of body colored metallic finishes going on all-round visibility is excellent

you’ve got some decent storage with a big glove box and a pair of cup holders here and the seats are supportive but the steering is only adjustable for height and not reach entry level versions get windup windows as standard

which is pretty old-school the wall models can come SPECT with this maps and more satellite navigation system that projects a load of cool information like your driving index

what your fuel economy is doing as well as being able to clip out for added security in the back the pair of sculpted seats make the up a strict four seater compared to the five seats on offer in both

the Fiat Panda and the high on die i-10 bastard knee and Headroom is generous and the back of these chairs feature integrated ISOFIX tethers which makes it very easy and safe to install child

car seats the boot 2 is also a really generous size for this category of car and also features a handy divider should you wish to fold down the seats to create a really flat loading bay on the roads all the controls

are fingertip light which is exactly what you want in a city car making it very easy to steer around tight spaces as well as being an absolute shuttle to path the ride quality on these 14 inch alloys is also brilliant though a high-speed the car does pick up a fair bit of tire and wind noise under

the bonnet you’ve got a throw me three cylinder one litre petrol engine that’s available with either 59 brake horsepower or 74 brake horsepower

now admittedly both versions sound pretty wheezy but you’ve got to remember that the up has a curb weight of just nine hundred and twenty-nine kilograms and in modern car terms

that’s like the equivalent of a bag of crisps north of 62 miles an hour is never going to be rapid but the engine likes to be revved and when it’s coupled to this place snappy 5-speed manual gearbox

it makes it quite a fun Drive all models manage more than 60 miles per gallon on the combined run which is fantastic news for your running costs though the bluemotion up also manages to be both

car tax and congestion charge exempt the Volkswagen up is a cheap city car with some surprisingly classy finishes and high-tech features importantly it remains cheap once you’ve bought one thanks to those competitive running costs and still remains refreshingly Volkswagen as far as City cars go this is one of the best

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