Volvo S60 saloon 2014 review

the compact executive saloon market is dominated by the brilliant BMW 3-series what happens if you just don’t one two three series well Volvo reckons it has a very different take on this highly contested sector with this it’s called the s60 and while at a glance it still maintains all those traits that make it so refreshingly Volvo

it also has an athletic style of its own too the s60 must a significant departure in the company’s design language uttering in a more sports orientated saloon focus it’s almost a four-door coupe a in profile and even the old school oblong grill has been replaced by something more rounded with a new iron mark logo taking center stage

I love the water floor light graphics at the back and these LED details at front add a touch of class for the combination of these newly swept back headlamps and long tapered bonnet reduce that traditionally solid Volvo spouts and almost makes the nose look a little bit droopy from head on probably not the look most compact executive saloon buyers would go for still it does have enough presence to make its mark against those more established German rivals inside the quality of materials

is top rate and thanks to decent practicality plus these very comfortable orthopedically designs anti-whiplash seats it makes covering long distances in it very easy the dash is very cleanly laid out and you get Volvo’s trademark floating center console it’s slightly angled towards the driver and houses all the main controls the sat-nav is a little bit fiddly to operate with these rotating dials but the voice activation system is a very elegant solution and can even understand mild Scalf accents as

I will now demonstrate go to address please say a town name Newport calculating route so it’s quite an easy process and take you through a number of steps but you get there in the end Volvo has also become synonymous with safety so in addition to intelligent side and curtain airbags abs and 60 safety coming as standard you can spec a whole host of other options including blind spot indicators lane departure warning systems a driver alert system adaptive cruise control and even a pedestrian detection system less impressive

is the amount of space on offer here in the back we used to Volvo setting the standard for practicality but the s60 only offers average knee head and shoulder room so you’d probably only want a couple of execs back here at a time the boot is also a bit of a funny shape and smaller than most in its class without doubt this is the most dynamically competent Volvo we’ve tested

it may not be as agile as a BMW 3-series but the s60 manages to entertain on a biro as well as offer refinement on motorways very little body roll and the steering is accurate and precise though a bit short on feel and if you spec one of those rapid t5 or t6 petrol versions you will have some grin on your face now said the ride is firm even without the optional r-design sports chassis and some manual drivers may find the lack of a clutch footrest quite annoying if you’re after a company car check out the drive eversion the 1.6 week’s bezel

it offers some pretty impressive economy and emissions figures so if you’re after a bit more flexibility and performance the drive e 2-liter diesel is also a decent bet volvo has been trying to get on terms with BMW Audi and Mercedes for some time and though we’d still placed the s60 behind their respective offerings the gap has never been closer with strong reliability records frugal engines and now some added style the s60 has a distinct flavor will really appeal to those wanting a slightly alternative compact executive saloon

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