Volvo V40 hatchback car review

Volvo V40 hatchback car review not many areas of the car market are growing but the Volvo v40 has its sights set firmly on one that is the premium hatchback market more and more buyers are looking for a car that offers all the desirability and the prestige of an executive car in a smaller and cheaper

it’s been a while since you could call any new Volvo genuinely stylish but with the v40 the company seems to have rediscovered its mojo next to these smart sweeping lines other european hatchbacks seem all too derivative

what’s perhaps most remarkable is the v40 oath some of its good looks to its excellent safety features with most cars the shape of the bonnet and the front end is dictated by pedestrian safety regulations

the McChrystal v40 is fitted with the world’s first pedestrian airbag it can sidestep those regulations and as a result it has the lowest nose in its class above all Volvo hasn’t forgotten their needs to attract a more style conscious

crowd so the v40 comes in three distinct flavors there’s this the regular hatchback or you could choose the sporty are design model well there’s even the cross country which has a more rugged SUV style appear

if there’s one word to describe the v40 s cabin its sumptuous the quality is absolutely top-notch and these seats are some of the very best in the business the design is really distinctive and there’s some genuine innovation take

this optional instrument binnacle for example it features TFT screens rather than traditional gauges and that means you can customize the displays however it’s not all good news there are too many small buttons on this center

Volvo V40 hatchback car review

console for example and that makes them very awkward to use the v40 isn’t a great family car either this swooping roofline meters not as much rear headroom as in Sir Volkswagen Golf and this centre seat is really narrow at least

the boot is well-thought-out and we particularly like the optional folding floor which can sit in a variety positions to hold your luggage more securely you can’t talk about a Volvo without mentioning safety and even for a Volvo

the v40 is exceptional it was the highest scoring car in Euro endcap crash tests and around town you have the reassurance of the sickie safety system which will perform an emergency stop if it thinks you’re about to crash into

the back of the car in front of over all the v40 is at its best as a cruiser some rivals are more exciting or more rewarding to drive but very few are more comfortable over a long distance that’s

why we prefer the dynamic suspension over the sport setup which gives a much firmer ride and for the same reason we suggest you avoid the are design models it’s the same story with the engines the less sporty the better our favorite

is the smooth and refined d2 diesel and once it gets into its stride it keeps up with traffic really easily compared to the a3 and the 1-series the Volvo v40 is something a little bit different from

the way it looks to the way it drives it does things very much its own way and that’s why we like it with the attraction of its style its safety and it’s low running costs it provides a really attractive alternative to its established rivals

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