VW Scirocco expert 2014 review

VW Scirocco expert 2014 review a Scirocco first appeared in Volkswagen showrooms some 40 years ago.

But this model is a lot younger than that having only been around since 2008 mind you some things haven’t changed like its predecessor this latest Scirocco is a sports coupe based on the same platform as a gold and just as before that recipe makes a lot of sense by developing a new car on an existing platform box wagon can do for a lot less money so in theory at least that car will cost you a lot less money to as far as we’re concerned Volkswagen has absolutely nailed it with the Sirocco styling from every angle.

This is a great looking car there’s the angular front end the curvaceous rear and all topped off with a set of gleam alloy wheels on every model on top of that most of them come with tinted rear windows and some even have twin exhaust pipes that said we’re sure that to summarize this will look a little conservative for a coupe eight and it’s certainly not an in your-face or something.

Like the Toyota gt86 but it does have a real elegance to it and because it’s lower and wider than the golf GTI it’s more imposing than that legendary hot hatch dig a little deeper for an online model like this one and it comes with its own unique body kit the bumpers the sill and the radiator grille along.

With these cherry red rear light clusters make it stand out from other siroccos if you’re one of those people who think the siroccos exterior looks a little conservative you’ll doubtless say the same thing about the interior but we reckon it makes perfect sense of Volkswagen to stick with.

Its tried and tested formula especially when the result is a cabin it’s so easy to use and so comfortable to sit in the dials couldn’t be any clearer and it’s the same story with the stereo and touchscreen sat-nav here in the center console last but not least the plastics feel really hard wearing everything has a quality feel and the seats are really comfortable what’s perhaps most surprising is that the Sirocco is quite practical well practical for a coupe a these two sculpted rear seats mean.

It’s in genuine four-seater as long as those passengers on to tool of course and the boot will take an impressive amount of luggage our only real complaints are the boot has a high lip which soon becomes annoying and these rear windows are little small which makes it rather claustrophobic in the rear seats every version of the Scirocco is great to drive with accurate steering plenty of grip and superb composure but GT models and a bulk come with something extra called adaptive chassis control.

This allows the driver to adjust the car suspension and steering in one of its three modes sport comfort and normal in normal mode the car continually adjusts the how is being driven and the road is being driven on if you switch to sport it sharpens everything up nicely there are plenty of engines to choose from we reckon it’s worth going blind the more powerful units.

If you want to get the very best out of your Soraka the 2 litre petrol engine is a cracker but we also recommend the diesels a worth a look go for the BlueMotion model and you can expect as much as 50 miles to the gallon in everyday use which is mighty impressive for supporting food play we take our hats off to volkswagen the Sirocco is every bit as enjoyable to drive as it is good to look at it’s even surprisingly practical for a coupe pipe to be honest volkswagen could have charged a lot more for it but the icing on the cake is the price

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