VW Tiguan SUV expert car review

VW Tiguan SUV expert car review the off-roader market has been going through something of a transition in recent years with more 4×4 owners trading in their big thirsty mud pluggers in favor of more compact more frugal offerings

that still have that king of the road driving position it’s a market that’s proving so popular that we’re seeing offerings from manufacturers not normally associated with cars capable of venturing into the rough stuff including

Volkswagen with its compact 4×4 the Tiguan the Tiguan shares the same headlight style as the Passat giving the SUV a handsomely rugged look it’s the same at the rear

VW Tiguan SUV expert car review

where the Tiguan has more than a passing resemblance to its Tuareg big brother it’s well proportioned looks a backed-up with decent ground clearance that’s more than enough to see every Tiguan cope well

with muddy tracks and snow-covered roads the estate model is designed more Prudential venture further off-road and can tackle those more extreme slopes

without grinding the underside of the car the only exterior clue to the escape model is its different front bumper which has less of an overhang for better off-roading and offers more underbody protection no surprise

is that inside the Tiguan it has more than a passing likeness to a golf which is no bad thing the Tiguan is cabin is stylish and spacious both for the driver and for the passengers

while some may prefer the razzmatazz of the Range Rover Evoque sin terior the Tiguan is easy to get comfortable in and to use instinctively little touches like these sliding rear bench seats and the rear seat backs

that can be adjusted for angle only add to this VW’s appeal the escape model even has pullout drawers under the front seats the boot of the Tiguan is one of the largest in its class and the rear seats fall to make a flat load floor while some of the cabins plastics are not as tough as you might expect the Tiguan is a great load carrier

while many cars in the SUV class claim to offer a sharp Drive the Chowan is one of the few that delivers on its promise but precise steering and little body roll it’s fun to drive on twisty roads although

you do pay for this with a firm ride on badly repaired roads there are two and four-wheel drive versions of the Tiguan available and all co well the escape offers greater off-road ability yet doesn’t compromise any on-road refinement to achieve its muddy credentials

there are three pet engines available but most buyers opt for a turbo diesel the least powerful diesel however is a little on the weedy side so better to up for the 140 or 170 brake horsepower versions choose

the 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox over the 6-speed manual with the 140 brake horsepower engine and a Tiguan is capable of towing up to two and a half tons that’s enough to make short work of most horse boxes

the diesel engines also reward with lower carbon dioxide emissions so it’s easy to see why they make up the vast majority of Tiguan sales Volkswagen fits out every Tiguan

with plenty of equipment and it’s still one of the best cars to drive in its class it certainly faces tougher competition now than ever before so is it worth paying extra for that VW badge we reckon it is and rank the Tiguan alongside the Land Rover Freelander as a great all-rounder you

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