What Happens When You Put Diesel in Gasoline?

Thank you for tuning in today and I’m sure you’re all serious about the question what happens when you mix diesel fuel.

With gasoline and this comes up because recently I read an article about a service station out in California I believe it was where the put diesel in a gasoline one of the tanks and several of their customers their ended up in their vehicle and suffering issues as a result and also 

When you mix Diesel with gasoline stay two factors and stations have taken steps to try to prevent you from doing this accidentally.

What are the things that they’ve done is everything at least here in the states and I believe also Canada has diesel is labeling green so it’s labeled and green that usually means of the diesel I just only what they’ve done is the size of the filler neck and the sides of the dispenser for the diesel fuel are different sizes in fact a diesel fuel dispensers larger and won’t go down inside of a gasoline filler neck and it Donuts or try to prevent you from doing it but well for my experience this doesn’t stop everybody.

What Happens When You Put Diesel in Gasoline
What Happens When You Put Diesel in Gasoline

From trying to put diesel fuel in their gasoline-powered vehicles between the gasoline in a diesel gasoline is a lot thinner in fact it’s more like a solvent and it has that distinctive odor diesel fuel is more like a very light weight oil in fact.

 I think the first fuel used in a diesel was a form of peanut oil be visible difference is coming to play if you get diesel in your gasoline powered car it’s also not a combustible of gasoline gasoline has a lot more ability to diesel diesel engine works up to clean front and get things moving a diesel uses the pressure created by the compression within the engine to ignite the mixture so another words it gets squeezed the whole lot heat up a whole lot in this mixture Night by spark plug.

What happens when you get diesel in your gasoline system well because it is thicker like this the fuel pump is going to struggle to move it through the system then if you have an external fuel filter it’s going to be pretty much a clogged up with this oily substance and then when I finally make it to the engine.

This will pretty much clogged fuel injectors and make them inoperable and that’s what causes your engine to stop running so you can run for a little while in diesel but you’re not really running on the diesel you’re just running on the rest of the gasoline it’s in there till a diesel gets up there what you need to do get diesel fuel in your gasoline vehicles you need to completely drain the fuel system completely drain the tank if you had one of those external fuel filters as I mention it’s going to need to be replaced and then you need to put the gasoline back in and started up and hope everything is okay A lot of times engine damage doesn’t necessarily result in a gasoline system because like I said the engine doesn’t run on diesel so your Cadillac converter and all that kind of stuff won’t necessarily get fouled out because I suspect.

Running before the diesel gets busted but those are things that you got to watch out for pretty much it’s going to be a fuel system is going to get wrecked in this process and once you drain it out and run a gas line through it hopefully everything is okay after that now let’s see what happens when you mix these I’m going to do this just like it would be if they’re filling station and you accidentally put diesel in your gasoline summer turns over the side so you can see what’s happening so the diesel is going in let that you can actually see reaction between these two you can see them should have not necessarily and maybe they did a little bit because it will go in there it doesn’t look like it will separate or anything.

But engine will not run for much longer like I said it’s all over and that is a question that you might have how much diesel fuel contamination is too much and what is that Tipping Point and I think that’s a very difficult question to answer but based on what we’ve seen earlier when you mix the two fuels and how easily.

They mix together I would wager that it 50/50 mix is the most dangerous situation so meaning if you had half a tank of gas and you added a half a tank of diesel fuel you top that off to me like that might allow the engine to run for your time and I think the real takeaway here is how long the engine runs with diesel fuel going through it that’s a really tough question to answer but in my mind based on what

I just saw it seems to me that the longer engine runs on diesel fuel the more potential for damage.

That you have so if you do accidentally put diesel in your engine in your gasoline powered vehicle just do not run it have it towed wherever it needs to be towed in and get that fuel system taken care of that’s what I would recommend in that situation but they don’t trust me but from what I’ve seen on the other side of this is whenever you get diesel in a gasoline system req the fuel filter and sometimes fuel injectors and hopefully.

The engine didn’t run for any. Of time and cause damage to things like a catalytic converter or something like that to fix the drain all the fuel system flush everything out refill it up with fuel gasoline and started up and hope for the best is kind of where you got to go what’s a real real issue is if you haven’t put gasoline in your diesel vehicle so if you put gasoline or diesel is supposed to go like.

 I said diesel fuel ignite because of the extreme heat and pressure that that squeezes put on the feel like it’s hot enough and then it ignite gasoline is very volatile and will ignite way before the diesel fuel wood and as a result it will detonate for ignition not to mention.

That diesel fuel system is extremely sensitive Android it going to wash everything out so you get gasoline in a diesel engine is the failure could be catastrophic if I’m on it but if you get diesel in a gasoline can you might be okay once you’ve cleaned up if you description to additional information additional videos and things like that if you have other questions and it’s so cool and be safe have fun stay dirty thank you so much for watching out for you next time 

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